Friday, April 07, 2006

Well, well, well. It seems that if you are a homosexual you will not be welcome in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo if the very reverand Cardinal has his way. Truely amazing. He calls homosexuals, IN GENERAL, degenerates. No wonder gay people worldwide are leaving the Catholic Church in droves. Personally, we will see what the government does. People have been asking us about DIH3. There will be an event, however we are not sure if we want to return to the Dominican Republic with our guests. Perhaps it would be better if we take our hundreds of thousands of dollars to another country that does not follow the lead of such a man. Perhaps it is just a press opportunity needed to build up the morale of the religious right...God knows it has worked in other places but I for one take it as a personal insult to me as an American, a tourist and a man who has tried to help the City of Santo Domingo. I just hope the business' of the Colonial Zone just sit down and take this. Stay tuned to the Monaga Blog. I am sure Anthony will have alot to say on this one. In the meantime, check out for a alternative to your vacation in DR.

Here is his statement as reported in Listin Diario and translated via Google translator.
SANTO DOMINGO. - The cardinal Nicholas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez protested that the authority in the Colonial Zone is applied and that removes to the "homosexuals", because we did not need those you damage social in this historical city. "So here, homosexuals, do not have anything to look for. That they remain in Europe or the United States. We did not need those you damage social, we did not need them; I understand that this country to be showing spectacles, that take them all, removes them to all from aqui ' ", declared. "we cannot allow that this place, historical center of Santo Domingo, becomes a patrimony of degenerated foreign and Dominican", said, after understanding that the Colonial Zone is not a brothel and that their monuments and the people who live alí deserve the respect of all. The archbishop of Santo Domingo also exhorted to the authorities to prevent that the delinquents seize of the streets and to multiply the amount of members of the Police, to guarantee "the supreme good of citizen La Paz". The Cardinal spoke with the journalists after heading a mass in the Prioritized Cathedral of America, by the conclusion of the courses of formation of the eighth and ninth promotion of monitoring agents and penitentiary treatment, that carries out the General Office of the judge advocate general of the Republic. The religious act they attended the temporary solicitor, Espiñeira Robert; the director of the Penitentiary School, Robert Santana, and the director of Prisons, general Juan Ramon de la Cruz Martinez. Reprinted from Listin Diario Online and translated by Google

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Links added on the sidebar for information about other DR information. Thanks to all of you who wrote requesting information about DIH3. We will get back to you all with that soon but in the meantime the check out Bahian Heat at for our next event.

If or when you are in NYC, you can always get the Dominican flavor at Escandalo Nights. The best party on this side of the water.

Don't forget the Fred Pierce birthday party this weekend at Speeed.

Thanks for all of you that sent in wonderful pictures for DIH2. We have so many we will put them up in stages.

Friday, March 17, 2006

DAY 4 - The Red Ball

We returned to the Codia Mansion again this year for the signature event. We were very pleased at the amount of Dominican's that showed up for this party. It was advertised on television and radio and they really seemed to enjoy themselves. The production was staged by Urbane Concepts Kenny Still who staged the "Illusions of Destiny's Child" featuring some of DR's premiere drag queens, Ikenna from Berlin blew the crowd award with her vocal performances and touched people when when she gave all her tips to La Casa Rosada Orphanage. Harmonica Sunbeam co-hosted with Samatha. All of the performers were excellent and DJ Calvin Smith and DJ Relentless rocked the crowd all night long. More photos available at

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 3 continued - The Black & White Party - photos by JArena & Punto.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

DIH2 has come and gone but the memories will last. For those of you who missed it here are some pictures from this years event courtesy of one of our featured artists, Ikenna. She will be posting more on her website as well as video soon. For all of you who attended, please send us your pictures and the photo credit to . Finally, let us thank you all for your support. We want to hear from you. Now, let's go to picture...

Partying at the Opening Reception: Ikenna and DIH2 producer Kenny Still

DAY 2 - The City Tour
This was a special tour with Tour Director Anthony Montgomery of Monaga. He gave inside information about Santo Domingo, real estate, gay life and more. Stops included Plaza Central - a local mall where visitored shopped and cruised with the local people.

The Benefit for the Batey Relief Alliance & La Casa Rosada Orphanage.

Pictured are the executives from the Batey Relief Alliance with Ikenna and DIH2 producer Laurence Pinckney. Over 150 people were invited however only a few participants showed up. HBO sponsored the event.

Day 3- Wet N Wild in the Campo

Because I am still in DR...I can only post a few pictures. The Internet is still slow here. Promise more to follow with pictures from The Black and White Party and the Red Ball to follow. Waiting on more pictures from guests who attended DIH2 and promised to send. If you are one of them, send to Thanks...see you soon

Friday, February 17, 2006

Here we come Santo Domingo

The VIP Event Passes sold very well. Thank you for your support. As you know the Party Passes are still available for sale online for $110.00 and will be sold at the Visitor Center for a little more.

Props to our Dominican Team headed by our Associate Producers; Ruskin and our Promotion Team Jose Luis Guerrero, Partricia Ortiz, Jose Tejada, Christian Ferrera, and Francisco Guerrero.

The clubs in Santo Domingo have done a great job getting ready for ya. They have been upgrading their venues and have alot of special events planned. Thanks to the Sports Bar, Jay Dees, Amazonia, Friends Bar, Arena, Punto, Agua Spa and Parios. All of the team and the clubs are listed on the website. Get to know them. The schedules will be available at the Visitor Center. Don't forget to read the Monaga Blog for another view from an American living in DR.

Finally, CMP Creations, our web designers are putting on the heat to get the Bahian Heat website up by this week. Our travel agent, Corporate Travel has arranged an unbelievable package for us. August 30- Sept. 9 will be filled with exciting adventures including Bahia's Gay Pride, Independence Day, two cities and departures from NYC and Miami. Check the Bahian Heat website next week.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Airfare Deals Believe it or not...still cheap fares to Santo Domingo on American Airlines and Delta. From $313.oo from NYC. Check with or Nubian Knights for full travel packages. The snowstorm in New York has made our phones ring off the hook from people wanting to escape the cold for the warmth of Dominican Island Heat 2. Wait no longer. Book your travel today. If you are looking for a inexpensive hotel, check out Casa New Yorker Guesthouse, La Hacienda and the Camilo Apartments. Remember to get your VIP Event Pass before Feb. 15th. After that you can purchase the Party Pass online or at the event.

Beach Shuttle - Reserve your space on the daily shuttle to Boca Chica Beach. Shuttles leave the Visitor Center twice a day. The early shuttle leaves the Visitor Center at 9:30am and departs Boca Chica at 1:30pm. The 12pm departure from the Visitor Center will depart Boca Chica at 4pm. Space is limited. Deposit Required. **Shuttle runs Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. First come first serve. $35.00 per person round trip. Send request to Please put shuttle in the memo section of the email.

Only two days left to purchase the DIH2 VIP Event Pass. at 11:59pm VIP Event Passes will no longer be available. Many of you have been asking why. Planning. VIP Event Pass guests get special attention and goodies and we have to be ready. Check out the Event Pass section of the DIH2 website to compare.

For those that still are not ready to commit to purchasing a pass, we have you covered. You can purchase a Party Pass online or at the Visitor Center. We look forward to meeting many of you at the Visitor Center and the Opening Reception. Tickets will be sold for most of the individual events at the door. Check at the Visitor Center when you arrive.

Mo info -
  • DIH2 thanks Clikque Magazine & Flavalife magazine for the big ads in the current issues. Good looking out my brothers.
  • Good luck to fellow producers of the Denver Meltdown and the Winter Explosion. You sho have great weather for your events. We wish you and your guests a wonderful time. James Saunders still has special event tickets for Faith Evans show.
  • Good luck with your new Latin Party in Jersey City, Fred Pierce. Way to go...bringin the Island to us.
  • Coming this week. Information on our next event. Bahian Heat. 9 days in Brazil for Gay Pride and Independence Day. Get ready. Aug. 30 - Sept. 9, 2006